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The Facebook IPO and the ‘Malincentivization’ of the Technology Sector

I agree with Stanford professor Steve Blank about the Facebook IPO (boldface mine): THOMPSON: But you think Silicon Valley is screwed, whether Facebook lives up to that valuation or not. Why? BLANK: I teach science and engineering. I see my … Continue reading

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eCommerce, 1930s Style

While we treat delivery-focused eCommerce like online food delivery* as something novel, it’s actually not new. Delivery of groceries was actually standard for many Americans a few generations ago: (from the West End Museum, Boston, MA) The more things change…. … Continue reading

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Well, This Is Depressing. According to Google, I Am…

…a 55-64 year-old man. At least, according to my cookies stored on my computer. For fuck’s sake, I’m not that cranky. Who does Google think you are? Click here to find out. More here.

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Proud and Willful Congressional Ingorance: SOPA Was Just Par For the Course (Remember Iraq?)

I’m late to this story, but tech writers were all up in arms (rightly so) over the proud and willful ignorance displayed by members of Congress towards the now-defunct Stop Online Piracy Act. What they didn’t seem to realize is … Continue reading

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‘Heartland’ Values Meet the Internet

Apparently, the blessed heartland isn’t acting so heartlandly on the intertoobz: But of late, more people in this hardscrabble town of 5,000 have shifted from sharing the latest news and rumors over eggs and coffee to the Mountain Grove Forum … Continue reading

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A Quick Thought on the Netflix-Quickster Split

Netflix announced that it will spin off its DVD rental service into a company called Qwikster. I realize we’re all supposed to be Steve Jobs and imagine where the market will be and so forth, but I’m not sure this … Continue reading

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The Coming Battle for the Cloud: Google+ Versus the iPad

In the midst of all the chatter about Google+, many people seem to have ignored what this is really about: monetizing the cloud.
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Is Google’s Supposed Weakness an Engineering Mindset? Or Just Bad Luck?

While Google might not have been successful with its social media attempts to date, it’s not clear to me that they were any more stupid than Facebook or Twitter.
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The IT Version of the Mad Biologist’s Pentultimate Political Philosophy

Fix this crap.
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The Ngrams of MRSA, staphylococcus, and Staphylococcus

Patterns of use and surges of disease. And what the hell is an M.R.S.A.?
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