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The Tragedy of Turning Economics Into a Faith-Based Discipline

The thing that has puzzled me throughout the long aftermath of the collapse of Big Shitpile is the willingness to do nothing. The issue isn’t a disagreement over how to reduce unemployment. Instead, there is a general consensus not to … Continue reading

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Links 9/25/11

Links for you. Science: Scientists discover 12 new frog species in India Allergy Recapitulates Phylogeny Close-up photograph of a mosquito. (you wanna look. You know you do) Miami Invaded By Giant, House-Eating Snails Other: Michelle Rhee spent nearly $1M in … Continue reading

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At Least One NY Times Columnist Doesn’t Understand Tax Deductions

Like Digby, I’m disgusted at the sympathy for the plight of those who make more than $200,000 per year–something I’ve discussed before–the NY Times’ Ron Lieber displays. But what’s ridiculous is Lieber’s failure to understand how the proposed tax deduction … Continue reading

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Links 9/24/11

Links for you. Science: The tailwind and the headwind. Teenage Brains Lord, Save Me From The Krebs Cycle How dangerous are viral quasispecies? Seagulls: Pooping Resistant Bacteria on Your Beach Other: L.A.’s postwar art scene: Hot rods and hedonism What … Continue reading

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The Reality of a Serious HPV Infection

Usually, I would put something like this in a list of links, but it’s too important not to call attention to it. Stephanie Zvan in “And Then You Wait“: Nothing about this appointment has been good news. Much of it … Continue reading

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I Suppose This Is Worth Substantiating, But Is Anyone Surprised?

This PLoS Medicine article came across the transom, with the following summary: These findings indicate that, in Finland, living alone is associated with an increased risk of alcohol-related mortality. Because of the study design, it is impossible to say whether … Continue reading

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Links 9/23/11

Links for you. Science: Beyond Gardasil: The Religious Right’s Attack on Reproductive Health Science Republicans Are Not Anti-Science – They’re Just Pro-Politics So…who lives in your vagina? Grad school vs. unemployment rate Other: IS SOCIAL SECURITY A PONZI SCHEME? (must-read) … Continue reading

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If Solyndra Is a Failure, the Bush Administration Is Also to Blame

You might have heard of the supposed ‘scandal’ surrounding the failure of the government-supported Solyndra solar panel manufacturer. What’s gone unnoticed is the role the Bush Administration had in supporting Solyndra: July 2005: The Bush Administration signs the Energy Policy … Continue reading

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How ‘Progressive’ Pundits Help Silence the Activist Left

Believe it or not, my political activism isn’t limited to the blog (if it were, that would be pretty pathetic). I actually attend local meetings of different types (Democratic ward meetings, various local hearings, etc.), call my Congresscritters (they don’t … Continue reading

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Links 9/22/11

Links for you. Science: Calif. schools turn away unvaccinated students Escaped Pet Birds Are Teaching Wild Birds to Speak English How to be a great scientist Coyotes kill buffalo at Haverhill farm Other: Five Biggest Right-Wing Lies About Solyndra How … Continue reading

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