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What Was the Massachusetts House Thinking?

As long as we have a system where health insurance is part of employee compensation, workers should be able to negotiate that–it’s no different than saying, “You can negotiate for ninety percent of the hours you work, but we get to decide how much we’ll pay you for the other ten percent.”
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The Intersection of Science and Policy: Distrust Is Not Irrational, But Observational

Criticism of science which is marshaled in support of policy isn’t necessarily irrational or a cognitive slip up, just as economic behavior isn’t often irrational in a cognitive sense.
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Links 4/27/11

It feels like spring. It is spring! Let’s celebrate with some links.
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Why the Mad Biologist Is the Punditiest Pundit EVAH: The Ezra Klein Edition

Catching up to the Mad Biologist on the whole Rockefeller Republican thing. And why it matters.
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Intervening in the Lives of Students Who Are Poor

Joe Nocera gets it right about education.
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Links 4/26/11

Links for you.
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Regarding the Ph.D. Glut, Nature’s Heart Is in the Right Place, But They’re Not Following the Money

Nature doesn’t get it: neither research universities nor funders see the glut as a problem-they’re too dependent on the status quo.
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