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Blood Libel, Jews, and the Democratic Party

Randism is not a Jewish virtue.
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Links 1/28/11

The snow berms now reach my shoulder. Ugh. Links for you.
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E.J. Dionne, What Is This Roaring Ahead You Speak Of?

“What do the American economy and economic policy look like right now on that President Romney branch of the multiverse?”
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Why the State of the Union Leaves Me Depressed

So much for the can-do nation. Welcome to the 21st century version of malaise.
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Links 1/27/11

Big…ball…of…fire…in…sky. Must retreat to the safety of links.
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On Educational Metrics and Special Sandwiches

We are going to see an incredible amount of faith-based ‘reasoning’ regarding education during the next few years, and it’s going to come from progressives (as opposed to the Left) as much as it will conservatives.
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My Response to the State of the Union: Let’s Just Pretend That It Never Happened

“We do big things.” Not so much.
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