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Two Thoughts About MRSA ST239

Waiting three years to find out about an infectious disease problem.
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Our Pro-Bank Policies Are Losing the Elite

It’s still somewhat encouraging that the captured economic media are starting to become disgusted.
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The Culture of Poverty Depends on Which Neighborhood’s School a Child Attends…

Who coulda thunk it? Poor students do better in schools with fewer poor students overall.
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Links 10/26/10

What a difference a good night’s sleep makes. I feel like I could conquer the world.
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Movement Conservatism, the 2010 Version

It apparently involves stomping on women’s heads.
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The Unspoken, yet Vital Component of Hertability Estimates: Is This a Problem for GWAS?

Until we characterize the environment more rigorously–and healthy and diseased isn’t going to cut it–we have to treat many of these heritability estimates, and the attempts to explain the underlying contributions of genes, as speculative.
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Links 10/25/10

Links for you.
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