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Public Health in a Time of CholeraInfluenza: In Defense of Frieden’s ‘Moralizing’

Yes, we need our political, not public health, leadership to do something about massive societal inequity. Until then, fighting some of the health-related consequences of that inequality is still worth doing.
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Employee Death and Executive Bonuses

A whole new level of corporate sleaze. This isn’t wealth creation, but a transfer from working Americans to wealthy executives.
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Random Thought About Dick Cheney and Nancy Grace

Will CNN’s Nancy Grace turn her talents, such as they are, towards Dick Cheney?
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The Fitness Cost of Resistance Could Be…

the signal peptide? Interesting.
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‘Hopeful Monsters’: Nothing in Evolution Makes Sense Except in the Light of E. coli (and Shigella)

Bacterial evolution muddies up the water.
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Congress Refuses to Make Credit Available to Most Americans

People need credit, and banks aren’t providing it.
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“Could You Patent the Sun?”*

Probably not. But genes linked to a high risk of breast cancer? You betcha. The effects of patenting things you didn’t discover.
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The Horrors of U.S. Healthcare

The U.S. ‘system’ has horror stories too.
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Programming Note

I’ll be off to the American Society for Microbiology meeting tomorrow.
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At Long Last, Have They No Decency?

Once again, Boston’s turkey terrorists are on the march.
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