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Nice Rebuttal of Pop Evolutionary Psychology

Four pretty good reasons.
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Merry Christmas!

Gut Yontif.
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Can Anyone Tell Me What Was Wrong With ERV’s Original Post?

Lost in the entire kerfuffle over whether or not science journalists are wackaloon idiot f-cknozzles is the question of why Johnson was bashing ERV in the first place. ERV was right.
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CNN’s Meterologist Doesn’t Think Global Warming Is Due to Human Activity

It’s like choosing creationist Rick Warren your life sciences correspondent.
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One Addition to Obama’s Science Team That Will Be Good for Biological Research

Eric Lander will be a very good friend of ‘pure science.’
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The De Facto Flat Tax

The flat tax argument presumes that the wealthy actually pay considerably more of their income in tax than the non-wealthy. They don’t
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What Would Happen If the Mad Biologist Were to Use His Superpowers for Evil

Over at What’s New in Life Science Research, I discuss different ways of being a bioterrorist. Comments are off here, go comment over there.

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