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The Common Feature of the NFL Officials and the Chicago Teachers: The Arrogance of Capital

A lot of people have noted on Twitter and the bloggysphere something to the effect of “referees are valued the same way by the NFL as teachers are by education ‘reformers’” (which is to say, not at all). Most of … Continue reading

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An Odd Boston Common Monument

Usually, in public places, especially those with a lot of history, monuments often commemorate an important person or event: the Lincoln Memorial, various war memorials, and so on. The Boston Common is no different, with several large memorials featured prominently. … Continue reading

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It’s Getting a Little Super Bowl Crazy

…at 5 Commonwealth: The Commonwealth of New England Patriots: Don’t know what the appropriate ratio of Patriots flags to U.S. flags is. But nothing says class like a humonogous inflatable doll:

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The NFL’s Concussion Conundrum

Will it be open season on star players?
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