Links 7/14/12

Merry Bastille Day! Let’s celebrate with some links. Science:

Scientists place 500-million-year-old gene in modern organism
Estimating the Purchasing Power of the NIH Grant
Your Favorite (Sexy!) Dinosaur
Gene-swapping vaccines spawn lethal poultry virus (the headline alone is worth reading–it sounds as if experts are a virus…)
Odds of Record-Breaking Summer Heat Happening Without Climate Change? Try 1 in 1.6 Million


I just paid $111 in Paris for drugs that cost me $411 last month at Costco
What’s The Plan?
The fatal diagnosis
NAACP Director: Romney Rigged Event by Having Blacks Flown In
Lost Output Over $3 Trillion And Rising
Mitt Romney’s cynical response to NAACP booing
Secrets and World Ties: Obama’s Killer Contradiction
Earliest Americans, Battle of the Bones, Anthropology, Nicholas Wade
Birthday Boasts
Our Mr. Brooks Has a Stinky Sad
Buzz Bissinger: Ban Penn State Football!
Why unions are not super PACs
14 reasons why this is the worst Congress ever
Thomas Friedman’s Lessons for Anthropologists
The Thomas Friedman-est Column of the Year

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