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Jumbo Slice

Observed on 18th Street, Adams Morgan, D.C.:

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How Much Is That Pizza in the Window?

Not doggie, pizza: Observed on Charles Street, Beacon Hill, Boston What cracked me up was the dog relentlessly tracking the guy making the pizza: No word on whether he got any pizza.

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Is a Just and Right Wage Worth a Five Dollar Big Mac?

While a Huffington Post article understates the cost of labor in the low-wage fast food industry, Ryan Chittum points out that labor accounts for about 25 percent of fast food prices: Worldwide, those franchisees took in $70 billion in revenue … Continue reading

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CEOs Threaten to Raise Prices on Crappy Food That Is Bad For You (and Some Thoughts on Impoverishment)

You night have heard by now of the CEOs, most of whom are in the fast food business, who are claiming that Obamacare will force them to raise prices. In other words, people will be less likely to eat food … Continue reading

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A Question for Foodies: Do Awful Labor Practices Leave a Bad Taste in Your Mouth?

I ask this because Boston’s local gourmet pizza chain, Upper Crust, which is loved by foodies, has been massively exploiting its undocumented workers.
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The War on Pizza

First, beer, now pizza? Some thoughts about rising food prices.
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