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Identitarian Deference and Testimonial Reasoning

A while ago, when our intellectual betters decided that trigger warnings were the death knell of the Republic, I described the underlying problem–testimonial reasoning: It’s not emotional reasoning, but what I’ll call testimonial reasoning. As a rule of thumb, whenever … Continue reading

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P-Hacking Is a Poor Reason For Replication Problems

With the recent release of the results from the Reproducibility Project–an effort to replicate 100 experimental findings in social psychology–there has been a lot of commentary and coverage about the finding that the majority of the studies failed to replicate. … Continue reading

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Accentuate the …Normative?

While it might be a constant joke that economists and humans don’t think in the same way, consider this description of economists’ views of unions: Most economists, for instance, see the weakening of trade unions in the U.S. and other … Continue reading

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Is Economics a Science? And If Not, Then What Is It?

A recent guest post at Naked Capitalism by economics student Jake Romero lists “Ten Principles of Responsible Economics.” What intrigued me was principle #10 (boldface original): 10) In theory, economics is a science. In reality, economics is a science the … Continue reading

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Why Tenured Professors Should Never Be Allowed to Opine About Free Trade or Free Markets

The woof and warp of the Chicago school of economics.
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When Economists Misunderstand Biology

And why it matters: we need economists to be better economists.
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Saturday Sermon: Waldmann on the Limits of Deduction

One can be really clever and derive how the world could or should work. This might or might not have anything to do with how the world actually works.
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And You Thought I Could Be Brutal About Economics: The Limits of Deduction

Deduction alone, without any checks, is a weird way to think, albeit politically convenient.
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Unscientific America and Positive Versus Normative Statements

The needed distinction between positive statements–the way things are or will be–and normative statements–the way things ought to be.
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