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Links 9/30/11

Links for you. Science: The profession that isn’t Friday Weird Science: The Sexiness of Stubble (I’m fascinated by a study with no significant results) ‘Porpicide’: Bottlenose dolphins killing porpoises ‘First Irish case’ of death by spontaneous combustion Other: The Distributional … Continue reading

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I Wonder What the Anti-Needle Exchange Nitwits Would Think of This Policy

Here, in the Commune of Massachusetts, the state (that is, we) has a policy that saves heroin users’ lives: Massachusetts public health officials say a program to distribute medicine for heroin addicts to take in case of an overdose has … Continue reading

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Links 9/29/11

Links for you. Science: Time to Boycott Tuna Again? Study: patent trolls have cost innovators half a trillion dollars No such thing as a one-year cut for medical researchers Taxpayer OA is Already Here, In Principle — In Reports Other: … Continue reading

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So When Do We Begin to Tax Wealth?

Bruce Ackerman and Anne Alstott argue that we should impose a tax on net assets of the wealthiest Americans (boldface mine): We propose a 2% annual wealth tax on households owning more than $7.2 million in net assets. Such a … Continue reading

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Links 9/28/11

In an undisclosed remote location, but that’s no excuse for links. Science: New Tick-Borne Disease Discovered by Yale Scientists Dig reveals human skulls mounted on stakes Q&A: The Unappreciated Benefits of Dyslexia Crows use mirrors to find food Other: Why … Continue reading

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A Sixth-Grade Explanation of How Economics Has Gone Off the Rails: Out of the Mouths of Babes…

A reviewer of Yves Smith’s book, ECONned, who is a recent Harvard Ph.D. and who has also taught middle school math, has a primer on economics, written as if it were a sixth grade level textbook. What’s terrifying is that, … Continue reading

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Links 9/27/11 and Programming Note

I’ll be having something resembling a vacation for the next week and a half. But don’t worry, the blog will keep rolling on. I’ll celebrate with some links for you. Science: Flu shot could have prevented nearly half of children’s … Continue reading

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Our (Adult) Education Crisis Continues: When Will Journalists Take More Responsibility for a Misinformed Public

(from here) I post that picture from CNN because it’s funny in a pathetic sort of way. But a NY Times column by Timothy Egan about conservative denialism engages in a more subtle error (boldface mine): The medical community was … Continue reading

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Links 9/26/11

Crocodile Ancestor Found Near World’s Largest Snake How An Ethically Challenged Researcher Found A Home at the University of Miami Photo of the Day Can Bird Poop Crack a Windshield? Other: Memo to Michele Bachmann: You Can’t Have an Abortion … Continue reading

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I Wonder If They’ll Get Served

I read this lede and went to the evil place: As the congressional “super committee” works in Washington to cut America’s federal debt, a panel of tea party activists will meet at a Denny’s restaurant in Orlando to propose their … Continue reading

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