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Driftglass Identifies the Real Swing Voters of the 2008 Election

The Swing Vote That Must Not Be Named.
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McCain Picks Creationist for Running Mate (Why You Should Always Read ScienceBlogs First)

This is the Alito-Roberts strategy: pick someone with virtually no track record so they can’t get dinged. It’s a crappy way to run the country.
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Palin and Alito: The No-Name Strategy

If ‘the less they know, the better’ is actually an apt description of your candidate and her policies, then you need a new candidate with different policies.
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Teaching Macro- and Microevolution

I don’t think molecular data are susceptible to the macroevolution/microevolution creationist canard.
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If CNN Had Covered MLK’s “I Have a Dream” Speech…

they would have talked through the whole thing and nobody would have ever actually seen it.
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Did Someone Help Bear Stearns Tank?

Was the Bear Stearns collapse the result of illegal manipulation?
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Is Molecular Evolution a Good Way to Teach High School Students About Evolution?

We shouldn’t get rid of the organismal approaches to teaching evolution, but do you think more of an emphasis on the molecular evidence for evolution would work?
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The McCain Mansions

I think we’re up to nine McCain homes. It’s so hard to keep track…
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Bacteria and Influenza: The Streptococcus Vaccine Is One Way to Prepare Against the Unknown

In lieu of an influenza vaccine, bacterial vaccines and rapid diagnostics could save many lives.
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Quote of the Day: Privacy, Then and Now

The Sideshow comments on why a right to privacy isn’t found in the Bill of Rights.
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