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Links 8/31/23

Links for you. Science: Late at night on a deserted beach, she found a 15 million-year-old fossil What’s with all the mushrooms? What to know about the fungi flourishing this summer. How to find extended-spectrum beta-lactamase genes? We are not … Continue reading

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Some (Sort of) Good News for D.C. about COVID

New Biobot COVID wastewater concentration data are out, and D.C., along with neighboring Alexandria, VA, have seen a marked improvement. Here’s D.C.: Here’s Alexandria, VA: For context, the maximal values for Alexandria and D.C. during the January 2023 peak were … Continue reading

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Links 8/30/23

Links for you. Science: In Florida, python hunters stalk their targets in the dark of night Some tips for scientific writing The hardest thing to leave: What do you do with your feeling(s) for the organism? The Great Salt Lake … Continue reading

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Propaganda and City Safety

Gallup has a very interesting poll, in which they ask people if various U.S. cities are safe–and they broke the responses down by political party: It seems Republicans are scared of most Democratic cities, especially when they’re in Democratic states … Continue reading

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Links 8/29/23

Links for you. Science: Emperor penguins suffer ‘unprecedented’ breeding failure as sea ice disappears Antibiotic-induced collateral damage to the microbiota and associated infections COVID-19: examining the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical interventions (full report here) SARS-CoV-2 shedding and evolution in immunocompromised hosts … Continue reading

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COVID Gaslighting and Who’s Doing It

I’m finding it surreal that we’re approaching a surge in many parts of the U.S., and the CDC director is encouraging people to wash their hands–and no mention of masking. At the same time, patients are fighting a battle to … Continue reading

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Links 8/28/23

Links for you. Science: This latest covid variant could be the best yet at evading immunity Scientists Say New Device Can Scrub 99.9 Percent of Microplastics From Water Stop kissing and snuggling turtles, CDC warns amid salmonella outbreak The biggest … Continue reading

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Trump and Biden Should Debate

Admittedly, this assumes neither of them will be ill by the time the presidential debates roll around. At The Atlantic, Tom Nichols has a piece arguing that Trump shouldn’t be debated because he is beyond the pale: he is such … Continue reading

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Links 8/27/23

Links for you. Science: New bacterial ‘dark matter’ offers hope for a drug-resistant world (pre-print version here) These Bees Have Been Mummified in Their Cocoons for 3,000 Years Plant diversity in urban green spaces led to sevenfold increase in insect … Continue reading

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Links 8/26/23

Links for you. Science: Scientists Witnessed The Birth Of A New Accent In Antarctica The viral origin of myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome Late Mortality After COVID-19 Infection Among US Veterans vs Risk-Matched Comparators India lands a spacecraft softly on the … Continue reading

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