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Phil “Foreclosure” Gramm and Peter Pan Conservatism

A slip from the Peter Pan right.
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I Don’t Think This Represents the Design Philosophy of the Smart Car

How the hell do you even get in the car?
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Let the Primary Go to the Convention

This is the best thing that could happen to the Democrats.
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Thoughts on McClellan’s Treatment by (Most) Conservatives

Failure for the movement conservatives has little or nothing to do with the consequences of one’s actions. As long as one remains ideologically correct–even though this correctness is ultimately defined by politically loyalty–one has done nothing wrong.
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By Every Metric, the Bush Economy Stinks

I prefer measures like the real unemployment rates, various measures of economic equality, the median wage, and other Dirty F-cking Hippie statistics. But if you think the economy is best described by the rise and fall of stock indices, well, it sucks to be you too.
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Best Time Waster EVAH!

They’re back. I warned you….
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Are Public Health Initiatives Neocolonialist?

So argues a recent commentary in Science.
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We Are All Minorities Now: Thoughts on the “White Vote”

White Protestants, welcome to Minorityville. It’s not so bad.
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Boston Skeptics Tonight: Former Scientologist Speaks

At Tommy Doyle’s, Boston Skeptics will be meeting tonight.
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How the Republicans Are Losing Their War on Science

During the 80s and 90s, they were much more clever.
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