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GOP Senator Proposes Norovirus Dissemination Plan

Well, he didn’t call it that, but Republican Senator Thom “Taking the As out of Thomas” Tillis proposed this interesting infection control policy (boldface mine): In a week packed with news over concerns for public health, Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) … Continue reading

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The Norovirus Demagoguery Starts Here

In light of Republican efforts to stoke fear over Ebola, I have decided to become the Czar of All Ebolas. OK, not really. But I figure, if conservatives can use an imaginary, non-existent threat to affect policy and politics, then … Continue reading

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WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS! Norovirus and Food Handling

Because I haven’t beaten that drum in a while. Carl Zimmer, drawing on this CDC report, gives us several tips on how to lessen your chances of getting norovirus (aka winter vomiting disease–trust me, it’s as fun as it sounds): … Continue reading

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Sound and Fury Signing Meh

As the kids used to say. It’s hard for me to get extremely excited about the election results. While there are some bright spots (more about those in a bit), this mostly feels like getting your car fixed: it had … Continue reading

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Sick Days, Serving Food, and Public Health

In New York City, there has been an attempt to mandate five sick days per year for workers–this has been repeatedly blocked by the head of the City Council (who has dreams of becoming mayor and needs those campaign fund … Continue reading

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When Large Healthcare Deductibles Could Be Costly: A Personal Tale

For all I knew, it would have meant a very serious infection (or other problem), or it simply could have been infection-related dehydration (this has happened to me before), and I would check out of the ER the same day. Either way, the last thing I needed to be thinking about was the deductible.
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