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Can Biologists Admit We Are Wrong? Dunno. But We Will Say Other Biologists Are Wrong

Because we are human after all. On the virtues of reaching a (loose) consensus.
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Dear Intelligent Designer…Levels of Selection

Again. ScienceBlogling razib discusses some noises various biologists are making about levels of selection. Sweet Baby Intelligent Designer, save us from this madness.
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PNAS Colloquium on Adaptation and Biological Design

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has posted of all of the articles from In the light of evolution I: Adaptation and complex design .
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Chickens and Group Selection

A while ago, Bora referred to a short article about David Sloan Wilson, whose research program examines group selection (among other things). Any discussion of group selection is almost always contentious, largely because there is a fundamental confusion (or conflation) of two different phenomena: the evolution of groups and selection among groups (i.e., group selection).
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