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Viral Lazaruses?

Or is it Lazarai? Either way, The New Yorker has an interesting article about recreating extinct retroviruses.
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Maybe All That Blogging Has an Effect After All?

The traditional media might not like blogs, but they’re starting to have to listen to them–because they’re potential customers.
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What Makes U.S. Graduate Education Very Good?

Is competition what makes U.S. doctoral programs excel? Or buckets of money?
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Should I Cancel My Times Subscription?

I’ve considering canceling my New York Times subscription. Here are the pros and cons.
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Marriage Versus Servitude

A new divorce policy in Japan highlights the different outcomes when women are not dependent on men but interdependent with them. It’s scaring the hell out of Japanese men.
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The True Face of Creationism: The Real Controversy

I’ve written about creationist and convicted felon Kent Hovind’s idiocy. But I had forgotten another aspect of Hovind–his ties to white supremacist groups.
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Our Turkey Overlords Are on the March!

A while back, I posted about the full out assault by demonic flocks of turkeys on the good city of Boston. Now, I have personally witnessed the horror up close.
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The Politics of Water Consumption

Tom Engelhardt asks the question I’ve wondered about Atlanta’s drought: what happens if there literally is no water?
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This Is No Way to Choose a President…

While I’m not a believer in the idea that a different political voting process would yield dramatically better governance, the Iowa caucus procedure is so stupid that I’m willing to make an exception.
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I’m Thankful for All of the Donors Choose Participants

I thought today would be a good to thank of you who were able to donate to my Donors Choose challenge.
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