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Lies, Damn Lies, and “Race to the Top” Education ‘Reform’: How MA Got Screwed

Massachusetts’ willingness to permit the public to comment on its academic standards, combined with a few quirks in the weighting system, cost the state hundreds of millions of dollars.”
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The Arc of Evolution Is Long and Rarely Bends Towards Advantageous Alleles: Why Does Popular Science Ignore Neutral Theory?

But natural selection is supposedly the theologically challenging part?
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It’s Not Political Madness, but Politics of the Blood

Like InstaPutz, I too am tempted to do horrible things if I read another post about the ‘epistemic closure of the conservative mind’. Instead, I want to discuss Marc Ambinder’s recent post, “Have Conservatives Gone Mad?”
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Ivins’ Colleague Maintains Ivins Didn’t Commit Anthrax Attacks

The Justice Department had to rely on human profiles, and so they settled on Ivins, without really comprehending if he could have done this.
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Tuesday Links

Happy Tuesday. Links for you.
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HuffPo: The Scientific Method Is Like TOTALLY Hitler. Or Something

Huffington ad absurdum: the scientific method as child abuse.
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Sunday Sermon: The Teacher Tenure Edition

Tenure as payment and economic incentive.
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If I Were in D.C., I Would Attend The Fiscal Sustainability Teach-In Counter Conference

Deficits are important, and interesting.
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Saturday Links

In case it’s not sunny where you are, here are some links.
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The Banality of Health Insurance Executives

People held meetings, made Power Point presentations, wrote memos and emails, and decided after all of this considerable thought and consideration that denying legitimate, paying customers with cancer was an acceptable thing to do. Then they went home and lived a ‘normal’ life.
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