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Tuesday Links

Still cloudy and cruddy in Boston, so here are some links for you.
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A Story About Why Froomkin Was Let Go, but Ezra Klein Remains

It’s simple–as long as one doesn’t criticize the press corps from the left (doing it from the right is ok and accepted–you get to be the house liberal.
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Krugman Is Ready to Have His Creationist Epiphany

Once Krugman realizes that much of the economic criticism is just as stupid and denialist as global warming denialism, things will get interesting.
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The Culture of Caution at NIH and Academia’s Role

The risk averse behavior stems from a bad model, not just a lack of funding.
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Oh, This Will Be Fun: Kolata on the War on Cancer

Another story critical of cancer research. Maybe I’m paranoid, but something is going on here.
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Antibiotic Resistance Has Become a Legal Issue

A legal remedy to the problem of antibiotic resistance used to be an attempt at humor. Now it’s reality. And I told you this would happen.
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Saturday Links

Here are some links for you.
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Saturday Sermon: Existentialism and Movement Conservatives

I think some people don’t realize the extent to which movement conservativism is not about policy, but an existential sense of self. I realize that I come across as pretty partisan, but, for me, it’s ultimately about objectives: if I … Continue reading

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Remember McCain and Beaver Management?

More evidence against McCain’s feigned stupidity.
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The Deceptive Statistics of Unemployment

Unemployment claims dropping is a good thing, right?
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