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False Positives, False Negatives, and Validation in Economics

As I always note before ripping into economics, we need better economics, not simply to disparage the entire field. Economics does matter. Anyway… Peter Dorman notes this about the refusal of several physicists to co-author a recent paper from the … Continue reading

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I Suppose This Is Worth Substantiating, But Is Anyone Surprised?

This PLoS Medicine article came across the transom, with the following summary: These findings indicate that, in Finland, living alone is associated with an increased risk of alcohol-related mortality. Because of the study design, it is impossible to say whether … Continue reading

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Bin Laden’s Death Could Affect Obama’s 2012 Chances-But in an Indirect Way

By itself, Bin Laden’s elimination will be a ‘bounce.’ But if Obama uses that bounce to limit the damage conservative policies of ‘austerity’ will do, he should win, barring pictures of him having sex with farm animals.
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To Be Scientifically Literate, You Do Have to Know Things

A scientifically literate person not only understands the scientific method, but also knows some science.
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One Quibble with (One of) Angry Bear’s Rules for Discussing Climate

It’s absolutely normal to have data confirm or support a previously held position. It’s when you exclude data that conflict with your position, that you have a problem.
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