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Sunday Links

It’s still freezing. A good reason for links.
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Zipcar Pulls Toyota Matrix from Its Fleets

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Saturday Sermon: It’s the Congress, Stupid

As I say often (probably far too often), ultimately policies have to help the majority of voters, and when they don’t people stay home.
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Friday Links

It’s Freezing Friday. Links to keep ya warm.
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Unemployment and the Callousness of Congress: The Bernanke Edition

It is remarkable (and disturbing) how few senators seem to realize where Bernanke stands on unemployment.
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In State of the Union, Obama Advocates Creationist/Flat-Earth Economics

Budget freeze, no mortgage cramdown. Yay.
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Thursday Links

It’s Thursday. And that means links. Or something.
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Oregon Voters Approve First Tax Increases Since 1930, Proving That Democrats Must Move to the Right

Given the choice of taxing a rich guy, who profited by the fruits of their labor, or cutting services they need, enough people will vote for their own self-interest (enlightened or immediate).
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Jonathan Eisen Asks About Finishing Microbial Genomes…and the Mad Biologist Answers

In about a year, we’ll have very little need for complete finishing, unless the biological question specifically requires it.
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Wednesday Links

Merry Wednesday. Lotsa links for you.
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