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Democrats Have Demobilized Their Rank-and-File

Only 56% of Democrats say they’ll vote in the 2010 Congressional elections.
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Sunday Sermon: The Need to Know Things In Order to Think Critically About Them

“If people are not graduating from high school with a grasp of basic math, the ability to intelligibly express a thought in English, and perhaps a rudimentary understanding of American government, nothing else matters.”
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Should You Get a Ph.D.?

Sciencewomen’s readers ask about the Ph.D., and the Mad Biologist answers.
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Happy Thanksgiving

If you have enough to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, consider giving to your local food bank.
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Wednesday Links

Here are some links for you.
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I Told You CDC (and HHS) Would Take the Fall for TEH SWINEY FLOO!!

I told you this would happen
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On Healthcare, There’s Nothing Left to Compromise

Steve Benen tells us about the long list of compromises by progressives and liberals to get us to where we are on healthcare
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Antibiotic Resistance and the House and Senate Healthcare Bills

Some good in each version.
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Sunday Links

Links for you.
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Why Should Democratic Voters Be Party Strategists…

…because that’s your job.
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