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What Caused the 2005-2006 Housing Bubble?

In the metro areas that had huge crashes (greater than twenty percent of the maximal value), there was a huge spike in home prices from 2005-2006, while, in metro areas that haven’t crashed, there was no 2005-2006 spike. Huh?
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Jon Swift’s Best Blog Posts of 2008…

nominated by bloggers themselves.
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Driftglass on the Age of Bush and…

We need to remember precisely whose fault the last eight years have been–and that includes the enablers like Sullivan.
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The Mad Biologist’s Guide to Blogging

Does the Mad Biologist follow the advice given by big-time bloggers?
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The Great Divide in the U.S.: Those Who Can ‘Do Over’ and Those Who Can’t

You can’t always have it all (which sadly is news to some).
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The Death of Monetary Policy and the Need for Less Income Inequality

At its core, the financial crisis is a wage crisis, not a monetary one.
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Nice Conflict of Interest You Got There: The Laura Tyson Edition

On being a Berkeley professor versus a paid board member of Morgan Stanley.
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Nice Rebuttal of Pop Evolutionary Psychology

Four pretty good reasons.
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Merry Christmas!

Gut Yontif.
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Can Anyone Tell Me What Was Wrong With ERV’s Original Post?

Lost in the entire kerfuffle over whether or not science journalists are wackaloon idiot f-cknozzles is the question of why Johnson was bashing ERV in the first place. ERV was right.
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