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Romney Gives a Reason to Not Vote Republican

A well-developed sense of irony can be a very useful thing to a politician.
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Some Helpful Advice for Boston Tourists

Even though it’s nearing the end of the tourist season, I was inspired by a letter to Boston’s Weekly Dig, and thought some advice for out-of-town visitors would be helpful.
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Civil Unions: Let’s Party Like It’s 1399?

Tolerance of gay marriage…in 1399?
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The Levee Broke

For me, the moment I discovered that the New Orleans levees had catastrophically failed is one of those moments that I will never forget. The night before (Aug. 29th), I went to bed a little after midnight, thinking that New Orleans had survived the worst of Katrina, and that the city’s luck had held.
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Four Words That Distinguish Liberals from Conservatives

No, “I think I’m pregnant” is a universal constant. The four words are “It can be better.”
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The Hypocrisy of the Sen. Craig Scandal

No, not Senator Craig’s hypocrisy. The conservative commentariat’s.
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Message to Senator Larry Craig

I think he needs to hear this.
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eigenFACTOR: Lots of Shiny New Buttons to Push!

A while ago, I posted about eigenFACTOR, a bioinformatics tool that can be used to calculate the relative impact of scientific journals. Well, the eigenFACTORials have developed a whole buncha new stuff you can do with the program.
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Beware the Icky Algae

First, gooseshit everywhere. Now ‘rock snot.’
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The Ontological Impossibility of Conservative Governance…

and one reason why most scientists oppose the Bush administration.
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