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Links 6/30/12

Links for you. Science: Her nest disturbed by the photographer, a Solenopsis thief ant worker exudes a droplet of venom on her stinger and waves it in the air (Alex Wild is still nuts. In a good way) Economists Are … Continue reading

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Civility, Desperation, and the Banality of Abstraction

After a recent school board meeting in New Orleans, some teachers surrounded a school board member in the parking lot and gave him a piece of their minds (no violence occurred, by the way). As you might imagine, calls for … Continue reading

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So What’s the Weird Thing Under the William Lloyd Garrison Statue?

On Commonwealth Mall, there’s a memorial to William Lloyd Garrison. It’s the usual thing for a ‘man of letters’: Very Serious! From the side: Even some nice touches, like this fallen sheaf of papers: But what the hell is this … Continue reading

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How Not to Isolate E. coli

If you’re interested in studying what ‘real’ bacteria do–that is, not the microbiological equivalent of anemic inbred lab rats–you have to isolate them from natural samples. Yogi Berra-esque statements notwithstanding, how you isolate bacteria is critical. Methodological details do matter. … Continue reading

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Links 6/29/12

Links for you. Science: A Pox on You: My son has cancer. He can’t go into day care because of unvaccinated children. Solenopsis invicta stinging, an activity this species performs with particular zest (Alex Wild is 1) a great photographer; … Continue reading

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I Want a Fish Robot

The Harvard Museum of Natural History has one: Stick some laser beams on it and we’re ready to go! Unfortunately, this is the only version I could possibly afford: Not nearly as snazzy-looking.

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The Hubris of Failing to Recognize That Life Is a Pre-Existing Condition

It’s not serious, more preventive maintenance than anything, but in a couple of weeks, I have to have a minor, non-invasive procedure done, related to my kidney stones. What with the looming PPACA decision (which might have been handed down … Continue reading

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Links 6/28/12

Links for you. Science: Humans Driving Evolution of the Spotted Salamander Why a new case of misconduct in psychology heralds interesting times for the field Faster, cheaper, smaller Open your minds and share your results (I made a similar point … Continue reading

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I Have the Conch!

Actually, the Harvard Museum of Natural History does, and it’s really an Australian Trumpet, Syrinx aruanus: As best I could tell, it was about 20 inches long. ZOMG!! ITS RADULA COULD DRILL INTO UR BRAINZ!!! Probably not, but that’s one … Continue reading

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Disaster Capitalism Meets the Boston Public Library

By way of Universal Hub, we discover that the greatest crisis the City of Boston (God save it!) faces is some excess space in the Johnson Building (aka the ‘New Wing’*) of the Boston Public Library (boldface mine): The first … Continue reading

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