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The Odd Conversations You Have When You’re a Microbiologist

Back when my research was fully focused on E. coli and urinary tract infections, I always used to get one of three responses from people: 1) People would move away from me as if I could give them a UTI … Continue reading

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What I Learned About Clostridium difficile Infection Control

How to control a very nasty healthcare-associated disease.
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WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS!…And Clean Your Stuff

The methodology greatly amuses me, even though the findings are really gross.
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TEH SWINEY FLOO!!: Should We Comment on Others’ Public Hygiene?

Public health campaigns are good, but should you say something if you see someone not following basic hygiene?
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Bush Is Restoring Dignity to the White House

In case you need to induce vomiting for some reason, here’s an image for you. Seriously, I think Bush’s image handlers are just mailing it in at this point.
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Joe Klein Gets It Right About Privacy and Politics

Political puritanism means that the only way to be scandal-proof is to have spent your entire life planning a run for office. This selects a very bizarre group of people.
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“Grope Patrol Effective”

The Boston PD has a grope patrol. No, they’re not groping people.
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Twenty-Five Percent of Teenage Girls Have One or More STDs

Teaching kids about condoms might be a good idea.
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Staphylococcus aureus: Don’t Pick Your Nose!

The science of nose picking. Really.
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The War on Menstruation

Amanda Marcotte shows us how to create an anti-menstruation movement.
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