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Links 4/30/21

Links for you. Science: How blackouts, fires, and a pandemic are driving shortages of pipette tips — and hobbling science Isolation of SARS-CoV-2 from the air in a car driven by a COVID patient with mild illness How COVID hurt … Continue reading

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Sort of State of the Union Thoughts

Wednesday, President Biden gave a sort of State of the Union address. It was a good speech and it made a lot of important points–saying things out loud to counteract the Republican Puke Funnel does matter. Throwing down the ideological … Continue reading

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Links 4/29/21

Links for you. Science: Thomas Brock, Whose Discovery Paved the Way for PCR Tests, Dies at 94 A New Bird Flu Jumps to Humans. So Far, It’s Not a Problem. COVID vaccines and kids: five questions as trials begin Naming … Continue reading

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There Will Be Very Few Consequences for Murderous BullSh-t

This week, Alaska Airlines announced that an Alaskan state representative who refused to wear a mask on the plane will no longer be allowed to fly, turning her roughly two hour commute from the state capital to her district into … Continue reading

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Links 4/28/21

Links for you. Science: Could a souped-up version of existing Covid-19 tests be our shortcut to tracking variants? Do Kids Really Need to Be Vaccinated for Covid? Yes. No. Maybe. Yes, vaccines block most transmission of COVID-19 How one restaurant’s … Continue reading

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Rethinking Our Vaccine Distribution System

I won’t pretend I got this right ahead of time, other than a sort of generic ‘recognize get vaccinated will be harder for some people than others’, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that, in the U.S., our distribution system for … Continue reading

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Links 4/27/21

Links for you. Science: The Secret Mission To Unearth Part Of A 142-Year-Old Experiment I’m an epidemiologist. Here’s what I got wrong about covid. (I think everyone who is getting sanctimonious about masks should read this–early on, I think the … Continue reading

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Losing the Battle Over the Word D.C.

Ultimately, D.C. statehood won’t be won or lost over linguistic battles: it will depend on whether Democratic senators, notably narcissist and ideologue Joe Manchin and Manic Pixie Dream Senator Sinema decide to limit the filibuster further, and allow a statehood … Continue reading

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Links 4/26/21

Links for you. Science: We know a lot about Covid-19. Experts have many more questions Medical Hypotheses is back, and it’s pushing antimask disinformation No, We Don’t Know if Vaccines Change Your Period. We do know that researchers do not … Continue reading

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The State of COVID-19 in D.C.: A Tale of Three Cities

Or maybe two. Before we get to that, the entire city and all wards, with the exception of Wards 2 and 3, are still well above the German rollback threshold of 50 new cases per 100,000 per week–which also is … Continue reading

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