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Links for you. Science: This Report Could Make or Break the Next 30 Years of U.S. Astronomy Those anti-COVID plastic barriers probably don’t help and may make things worse Venomous Sea Snakes That Charge Divers May Just Be Looking for … Continue reading

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Statesmen Versus Salesmen: Nothing Has Changed

Nearly thirteen years ago, some asshole with a blog commented on former generals’ conflicts of interest in “Because ‘NBC Analyst and War Profiteer’ Doesn’t Sound Very Nice”: I think Digby gets to the heart of the implications of this: That … Continue reading

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Links 8/30/21

Links for you. Science: Booster shots won’t stop the delta variant. Here’s the math to prove it. Prominent behavioral scientist’s paper earns an expression of concern Delta’s rise is fuelled by rampant spread from people who feel fine California builds … Continue reading

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When the New York Times Misses the Story About Gov. DeSantis and COVID

Over the weekend, the New York Times published an awful article about Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis and the challenge COVID-19 is causing him. Its basic premise can be summarized thusly (boldface mine): While leaders in that state also … Continue reading

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Links 8/29/21

Links for you. Science: The Origins of SARS-CoV-2: A Critical Review Relative Humidity Predicts Day-to-Day Variations in COVID-19 Cases in the City of Buenos Aires Israeli data: How can efficacy vs. severe disease be strong when 60% of hospitalized are … Continue reading

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Box of Mask

Observed at the corner of 14th and T Streets NW, Logan Circle, D.C:

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Links 8/28/21

Links for you. Science: COVID vaccine boosters: the most important questions Twelve-month systemic consequences of COVID-19 in patients discharged from hospital: a prospective cohort study in Wuhan, China Multidrug-Resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae Clones from Wild Chimpanzees and Termites in Senegal How … Continue reading

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Links 8/27/21

Links for you. Science: Can the Vaccinated Develop Long Covid After a Breakthrough Infection? Vaccine effectiveness against SARS-CoV-2 transmission and infections among household and other close contacts of confirmed cases, the Netherlands, February to May 2021 (note the circulating virus … Continue reading

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Anti-War and Silencing

Consider it a particular form of gaslighting. One of the most frustrating things about the recent media coverage of Afghanistan (which has received more coverage in the last week in U.S. media than it did in the last five years–when … Continue reading

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Links 8/26/21

Links for you. Science: Cicada killer wasps have arrived. Don’t confuse them for murder hornets. Little kids burn so much energy, they’re like a different species, study finds Wales Covid deaths: A quarter caught virus in hospital Meet the Giraffe … Continue reading

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