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Links 7/31/13

Links for you. Science: Claws and effect: Climate change turns lobsters into cannibals A few minutes with … a guy who’s thrilled to live with roaches A classic 24/7 Lecture: Eric Lander — THE HUMAN GENOME Political Science NSF Update … Continue reading

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But Whatever Would We Spend the Money On?

As regular readers will know, one thing (among many…) that drove me nuts during the stimulus debate was the notion, endorsed by some technobrat pundits, that it’s really hard to figure out how to spend money on specific things. The … Continue reading

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Meet the New Scab, Definitely Not Like the Old Scab

You know the economy is doing poorly when top college graduates, who used to coordinate corporate strike breaking activities (barging through picket lines is for the little people), are now serving as surplus labor used to bust unions. From Chicago … Continue reading

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Links 7/30/13

Links for you. Science: More on ‘Nightmare Bacteria’: Maybe Even Worse Than We Thought? (the good news is that ICU infections are usually a small component of the overall load, though they obviously infect the most critical cases) Let’s Slow … Continue reading

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A Potential Treatment For CRE?

In my opinion, the greatest infectious disease threat in the U.S. is CRE–Carbapenem Resistant Enterobacteriaceae. These are bacteria, including E. coli and its relatives (such as Klebsiella and Enterobacter), that are resistant to essentially all drugs (colistin can cause massive … Continue reading

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The Republican War on Science and on the Smithsonian

So the House Republicans have proposed this (boldface mine): House Republicans Monday proposed slashing cuts to environmental programs and funding for the Smithsonian Institution and the arts as they unveiled the latest legislation to implement the second year of budget … Continue reading

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Links 7/29/13

Links for you. Science: Man-Made Earthquakes (it’s remarkable how this usually goes unmentioned in discussions about fracking) Deadly Pig Virus Slips through U.S. Borders: Researchers worldwide are racing to track the spread of a coronavirus that causes diarrhea and vomiting … Continue reading

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How Not to Write a Science Press Release

If you follow the genomics bloggysphere, you might have heard about the 100K Genome Project, which focuses on sequencing the genomes of food-borne disease microorganisms. I’ve attended a couple of the planning symposia, so I’m partial to the project–it’s a … Continue reading

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Freedom Is an Unregulated Ceiling Fan

Having failed to defend the Republic from the scourge of Invisible Light Bulb Vigilantes, we now observe that Republicans are preparing against the next assault on your freedoms–the regulation of ceiling fans (boldface mine): The Tennessee Republican says new regulations … Continue reading

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Links 7/28/13

Links for you. Science: The Cause(s) of Honey Bee Death What Causes “Old Person Smell”? Natural selection is randomly inevitable Long Before Trees Overtook the Land, Earth Was Covered by Giant Mushrooms Leopard sharks flourishing in south San Francisco Bay … Continue reading

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