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The Healthy Hospitals Act of 2007: A Good Start, but Not Enough

Occasionally, Congress crafts good, if not great, legislation regarding infection control.
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Occasionally People Don’t Suck: The Uganda Edition

The brutal Lord’s Resistance Army lays down its arms.
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Did I Mention Something About Religion, Politics, and Exclusion?

I believe I did. And on cue, a bigot steps right up
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Mad Biologist, Slayer of Blogging

I write about politics because I’m a money-grubbing, science-hating scumbag.
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Best Comment EVAH! (Since the Last Best Comment EVAH!): The Bill Foster Edition

In response to this post about scientist-turned-congressional candidate Bill Foster, a reader predicts what would happen if lots of scientists went into politics.
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Families Share E. coli

And that includes the pets. What this means for treatment of urinary tract infections.
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Amy Sullivan: A Religious Minority Who Won’t Admit She’s a Minority

Most religious minorities have not looked to government for validation of their religious beliefs. Why does evangelical Democrat Amy Sullivan do so?
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The Failure of Administration and Contracts and the Rise of Torts

The rise of torts is the last resort of a society that has abandoned contracts and honest administration.
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Brown University Eliminates Tuition for Families Earning Less Than $60,000

…and shifts much of its other aid packages to grants.
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The Apartment Building of the Future?

An apartment building that grows food.
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