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Protect Our Prisons from Terrorists

Friends, this is compassionate conservatism we can believe in.
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What Are the Causes of the Higher Education Tuition Bubble?

College tuition has increased at a faster pace than both the cost of living and healthcare. Anybody know why?
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I Want a Pet Hippo

Hopefully, the hippo won’t mark the house.
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Friday Links

Happy Friday! Some links for you.
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Don’t Blame the Models

A mathematical model didn’t destroy Wall Street.
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Behavioral Economics: Not Everything Is Irrational

Not all stupid behavior should be called irrational.
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Eloping for Healthcare: So Much for the ‘Sanctity’ of Marriage

There might be perfectly good reasons to elope. Health insurance isn’t one of them.
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Tuesday Links

Some links from the long weekend.
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ASM Should Have the General Meeting in Philly Every Year

Having recently returned from the ASM General Meeting held in Philadelphia, I’m convinced that it should be held there every year–or, at least, it should be the permanent East Coast venue.
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Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Carried By Wild Song Birds

Tweet? (and not the internet kind). Could songbirds constitute a major reservoir of methicillin resistant staphylococci?
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