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Links 12/8/22

Links for you. Science: Covid vaccine trials didn’t monitor menstrual changes. Researchers say it’s part of a bigger problem. Gradual emergence followed by exponential spread of the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant in Africa (note that there’s some reasons to think this … Continue reading

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Masking and Communications

To follow up on Tuesday’s post about the CDC very tentatively asking people to mask, the legacy media have a role to play here too. There’s no reason why they couldn’t have led with headlines like “Faced with hospitalization surge, … Continue reading

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Links 12/7/22

Links for you. Science: Two minerals never before been seen on Earth found inside 17-ton meteorite In praise of research in fundamental biology COVID-19 and Excess All-Cause Mortality in the US and 20 Comparison Countries, June 2021-March 2022 Shifts in … Continue reading

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Warnock Wins

This is good. It helps with a whole bunch of procedural issues, such as appointing more judges. Of course, if professional Democrats hadn’t fucked up in multiple ways regarding the House, we would be much better off. One thing that … Continue reading

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Links 12/6/22

Links for you. Science: Emergence and Evolutionary Response of Vibrio cholerae to Novel Bacteriophage, Democratic Republic of the Congo Visa bureaucracy makes scientific conferences inaccessible for too many researchers Long-term immune protection against SARS-CoV-2 escape variants upon a single vaccination … Continue reading

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Interrupting Our Lives for Hallucinations Has Been Happening for a Very Long Time

Tom Nichols makes a good point but he misses one critical thing. First, what Nichols gets right (boldface mine): Even before January 6, 2021, I wondered about the kind of people who live the classic American paranoid life, the citizens … Continue reading

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Finally, the CDC Asks People to Wear Masks

About fucking time (boldface mine): The Centers for Disease Control Prevention on Monday encouraged people to wear masks to help reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses this season as Covid, flu and RSV circulate at the same time. CDC Director … Continue reading

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Links 12/5/22

Links for you. Science: Why Wild Turkeys Hate the Wild Vitamin B1 is Not a Mosquito Repellent. So Why Do Doctors Prescribe It? Why Are Lots of Kids Likely to Be Sick This Holiday Season? Bird flu prompts slaughter of … Continue reading

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COVID Prevalence in D.C.

Last week, D.C. had a post-Thanksgiving back-to-school COVID testathon. Some observations and thoughts: 1.3% of staff, and 0.6% of students tested positive (though around thirty percent of students didn’t test at all); lumped together, we have 0.7% total. Note these … Continue reading

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Links 12/4/22

Links for you. Science: ‘The ghost that haunts Monteverde’: how the climate crisis killed the golden toad Effectiveness of Bivalent mRNA Vaccines in Preventing Symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 Infection — Increasing Community Access to Testing Program, United States, September–November 2022 The Monkeypox … Continue reading

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