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Links 12/31/12

Links for you. Science: Cathy O’Neil: Why Nate Silver is Not Just Wrong, but Maliciously Wrong (must-read) Disturbing Employment Trends in NSF Doctorate Recipient Report Defending Collections The Prozac Yogurt Effect: How Hype Can Affect the Future of Science Great … Continue reading

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The Top 52 Mad Biologist Posts (in Base 4, So It’s Not That Many)

Here are what you, dear readers, liked the best in 2012: 1. Something to Remember When You Hear the Heritage Foundation and Other Conservative Faith-Tanks Discuss Our Fiscal Crisis 2. The Economics PhD Job Market As a Reality-Distortion Field: STEM … Continue reading

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About Arming Teachers: Be Careful What You Wish For

I’m looking at you, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. But first, some background. Many, many moons ago, back when I toddled around the Northeast underground music scene, there was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek t-shirt that made the rounds. It had a homeless … Continue reading

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Links 12/30/12

Links for you. Science: How The Odd Couple’s Jack Klugman Helped Create The Biotech Industry An Alternative “Truth” About Flu Shots The Fossils Say “What?” (A certified Joe Eaton Rant) A New Focus on the ‘Post’ in Post-Traumatic Stress Livestock … Continue reading

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Back Bay Evening in Snow

From last night’s snow non-storm. When the Christmas lights go up, I’ve always thought this is the nicest-looking house in Back Bay, perhaps all of Boston (Commonwealth Ave.): More Comm. Ave: Comm. Ave., between Arlington and Berkeley Streets: Comm. Ave, … Continue reading

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Why Keynesian Krugman-Style Is Not Well Understood

Paul Krugman a while ago lamented that nobody understands Keynesian economics: Let’s be realistic: the public doesn’t get Keynesian economics. The president could use the bully pulpit to try and change that, and I’ve been urging him to do that. … Continue reading

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Links 12/29/12

Links for you. Science: Bark Lice Are Ruining Christmas Napoleon Wasn’t Defeated by the Russians: Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture gives too much credit to cannons. How Intelligent is IQ? Small, Small World Another just-so story, this time about fists. Other: Hatred … Continue reading

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Jon Swift Memorial Roundup 2012

Those of you who are aware of all internet traditions will remember the late Jon Swift who wrote some devastating satire in his role as a “reasonable conservative.” His reviews of “Books I Have Not Read” is a classic. So … Continue reading

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Yes, Obama and Many Democrats Are Rockefeller Republicans

I write that often, but so says conservative economist Bruce Bartlett (boldface mine): The dirty secret is that Obama simply isn’t very liberal, nor is the Democratic Party any more. Certainly, the center of the party today is far to … Continue reading

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Links 12/28/12

Links for you. Science: TB’s Global Resurgence Amplifies U.S. Risk GOPsters Fighting The War On Science Have Blood On Their Hands Dengue, aka “Breakbone Fever,” Is Back: The vicious virus has re-established itself in the South, and mosquitoes are carrying … Continue reading

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