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A Question for DeSantis

What happens if you win the primary? Unless it’s a case of overwhelming annihilation, Trump is not going to concede gracefully, especially to a guy he refers to in private as “Meatball.” Add to that, primaries (and debates) always have … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Beclowns Itself over the Revisions to D.C.’s Criminal Code

Last week, Congress decided–and Biden refused to stop them by using the veto (that’s worth a read)–that D.C.’s revisions to its criminal code weren’t punitive enough. Monday, the lazy ass writers for the Washington Post editorial page decided to blame … Continue reading

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When Government Spending Prevents Personal Debt

It’s a pretty obvious phenomenon: when federal spending is cut, personal debt rises (or at least wealth declines). This will show up in credit scores (boldface mine): Today, we look at a big, fat map of credit scores reproduced from … Continue reading

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Bret ‘Bretbug’ Stephens Lacks Basic Reading Comprehension, and His Editors…

…aren’t just useless, but ideologically motivated. Stephens, whose very first op-ed piece–the one you have plenty of time to perfect–had to be corrected due to massive factual errors, has turned his hand to mask wearing. You’ll never what happened next! … Continue reading

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Here’s What I Meant by “Have Always Been Horrible”

Last week, I briefly noted that many respectable pundits (and editorial boards) have always been horrible. In fact, many of the same horrible people from twenty to thirty years ago not only perpetuated themselves via ‘mentoring’ (finding younger, equally horrible … Continue reading

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The White House Should Not Allow Fox News to Its Daily Briefings

Last week, we learned–more like confirmed–that Fox News hosts and executives knew the electoral fraud stories they were peddling were utter bullshit. While it’s laughable that the legacy media finally are beginning to realize that Fox News is a propaganda … Continue reading

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Giving Them the Respect They Deserve, Which Is to Say, None at All

Some asshole with a blog might have written that once or twice over the years. It would seem the new generation of professional Democrats might be picking up on this (boldface mine): Young, rising Democrats such as Frost and Rep. … Continue reading

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But the Test Scores! The Gov. DeSantis Edition

Last week, multiple stories described how Florida’s school libraries (and classroom libraries) have removed their books in order to comply* with Florida’s new school book censorship law. For more, here’s a good roundup of how it’s actually playing out, Republican … Continue reading

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A Well Regulated Vagina, Being Necessary to the Security of a Free State

This is one of those ‘what would you say if you saw it in other countries’ thingees (boldface mine): You may remember that back in October I told you about how Florida schools were requiring female student athletes to report … Continue reading

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Assuaging Rural Rage

Paul Krugman writes (boldface mine): Rural resentment has become a central fact of American politics — in particular, a pillar of support for the rise of right-wing extremism. As the Republican Party has moved ever further into MAGAland, it has … Continue reading

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