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To Save America…

…the neocons had to betray it. Granted, Rolling Stone also published crap by RFK, Jr. But there are some public-domain facts to back up the Rolling Stone article’s claim that several neocons tried to prevent a detente with Iran by leaking classified information to Israel
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Even More NIH Funding Woes

Alex at the Daily Transcript has a great post discussing an editorial by Robert A. Weinberg about the consequences of funding priorities.
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Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Still Nutty Bonkers

Can we please have one leader in the Middle East who isn’t thoroughly corrupt or nutty bonkers? Iranian President Ahmadinejad has now declared a war against foreign words: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has ordered government and cultural bodies to use … Continue reading

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I See Stupid People: The Kevin Trudeau Edition

And if a lot of people actually take charlatan Kevin Trudeau seriously, we’ll be seeing a lot of dead people. Stupid, dead people. Christopher Wanjek and Orac take down the fraud Kevin Trudeau’s new book More Natural Cures Revealed.
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That Whole Separation of Church and State Thingee…

The NY Times has a very interesting article about an evangelical minister who decided that subordinating his religious beliefs to the Republican Party and the Holy Defender of the Blessed Blastocyst was a bad idea
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Antibiotic Resistance and National Healthcare

While the main reason to use antibiotics only when needed is to preserve their effectiveness, it’s always nice to have an economic incentive coupled with proper use of these important drugs.
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Iraq War Rages On, and Congress Holds a Midnight Session…

…to give Paris Hilton a tax cut on money she never earned.
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A Republican With Integrity

See, I can actually say nice things about Republicans (dogmatic conservatives, on the other hand…although I always did think Jack Kemp was honest and sincere, if crazy). Former Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey has called for a Democratic Congress. No, I’m … Continue reading

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The Silent Killer: Hospital-Acquired Infections

From the archives, comes this post about the health crisis no one cares about (except for the Mad Biologist. We are very caring): the 90,000 deaths per year from infections people get while in the hospital.
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Onward Christopath Soldiers! The Homofacist Edition

By way of Pam at Pandagon comes this story of the moral values of the ‘heartland’, which is apparently a place where gays are considered to be the moral equivalent of Nazis.
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