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Antibiotics and Industry Pressure in New Zealand

Lest you think corporate interference in public health policy is solely a U.S. problem, New Zealand is suffering a brain drain in the area of antibiotic resistance research due to political pressure hindering research on the effects of antbiotic use in agriculture.
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Nobody Likes Us

In South Korea, traditionally a U.S. ally, two-thirds of people under 30 said in a recent poll that if there were war between North Korea and the United States….
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Why Did NSF Leave Out the Life Sciences?

In the NSF Strategic Plan, the life sciences (i.e., biology) are not included as an area that needs improvement in infrastructure or translation of research into new products. Is it too cynical to think that the Bush Administration purposely left out biology?
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What Do You Mean “We”, Kemosabe?

I’ve discussed before how former Bush supporters and loyalists suffering from buyer’s remorse are now frantically trying to revise history and offer (lame) excuses for why they were so foolish. driftglass brings up another tactic that we’ll hear often:
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AMA Seeks Ban on Ads For New Drugs

The American Medical Association has called for a temporary ban on all direct-to-consumer advertising for prescription drugs.
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My Army of Little Blessed Snowflakes

400,000 to-be-discarded embryos? The Mad Biologist has a very evil, nefarious, and sinister idea for them:
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I See Stupid People: The George Bush Edition

Yes, I know. Saying this is like picking on the stupid kid. But that’s the whole point.
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You Know You’ve Arrived When…

…skippy the bush kangaroo puts you on the permanent blogroll. thanks skippy!

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Iraq: We Broke It

Apparently, the Iraqis have moved to “Plan B”, which is the dissolution of the Iraqi state. From the Independent:

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The Charge of the Neocon-Lite Brigade

Perhaps it’s just human nature, but I’ve always disliked Johnny-Come-Latelys.
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