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Why Is the TEM-1 Beta-Lactamase So Common?

One word: ampicillin.
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E. coli Virulence Genes: Not Happier Than a Pig in Sh-t

A possible way to reduce virulent E. coli on farms.
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The Gang of 500 Mediocrities (Our National Political Press Corps)

Do campaign reporters routinely huff airplane glue? Because that’s the only explanation for this level of stupidity.
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The NIH Grant Review Process Is Statistically Unsound?

Who woulda thunk it? To obtain reliable scores with a precision of 0.01, a proposal would require 38,416 reviewers.
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God Is a Doorknob?

Getting the power of God without God.
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9/11 Truthers and Creationists: Birds of a Feather…

are stupid morons together.
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Malaria Treatment Increases Ciprofloxacin Resistance

Chloroquine therapy leads to increased ciprofloxacin resistance. This is why we need new classes of antimalarials that kill malaria in novel ways.
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The Confusion About the Social Security ‘Crisis’ Is Economists’ Fault: More on Sizzle

Using Sizzle’s logic, economists are to blame for the misunderstandings surrounding Social Security.
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Economic Realities Versus Fantasy Politics

Matt Taibbi describes the intersection of crony capitalism and economic inequality.
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Theopolitical Conservatives and the Great Con

There are a lot fewer ‘real’ evangelicals that we’re led to believe.
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