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Links 11/30/18

Links for you. Science: Why Don’t We Have Vaccines Against Everything? Restaurant Inspection Letter Grades and Salmonella Infections, New York, New York, USA In Brazil, termites have built a sprawling megacity the size of Britain Widely used reference for the … Continue reading

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They Are Really Sleazy People

The venality of the Trump-era Republican apparatchik has no lower bound (not that the pre-Trump ones were good people). Take, for instance, Paul Erickson, who was stupid enough to think that an attractive woman half his age really did want … Continue reading

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Links 11/29/18

Links for you. Science: One-third of US parents plan to skip flu shots for their kids this season Save the Germs The Chickenpox Vaccine Is Safe. Avoiding It Is Not. There Is No Argument. These Are Facts. The Key to … Continue reading

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AMR Genes In Space. BOOGA BOOGA?

I really try to avoid giving scientific papers the full Mad Biologist treatment, so I was going to let this paper about antimicrobial resistance in space (BOOGA! BOOGA!) lie. And then I saw RT (not a big fan in general … Continue reading

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Links 11/28/18

Links for you. Science: Life span has little to do with genes, analysis of large ancestry database shows Ancient DNA Reveals Yet More Complicated Histories In The Americas Scientists Discover A Rare Bird That’s A Hybrid Of Three Different Species … Continue reading

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Observed at the Wharf, SW, D.C.:

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The Collateral Damage Of IMPACT

I’ve often noted how high-stakes testing in K-12 education collides with Campbell’s Law, whether it be fraud or how students are treated in class. But this in-depth look at a D.C. public school shows how much standardized testing, in this … Continue reading

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Links 11/27/18

Links for you. Science: Trump’s Interference With Science Is Unprecedented How the people of the Andes evolved to live in high altitudes Theorists Debate How ‘Neutral’ Evolution Really Is African scientists are closer than ever to developing a malaria vaccine … Continue reading

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Atomic Kid

Observed at the National Building Museum, Judiciary Square, D.C.:

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Trump Fatigue

I don’t have any polling data to back this up, but my (quite possibly skewed) sense of things is that Il Trumpe’s rants, raves, and declarations seem to be generating less attention. They’re still awful–possibly worse as his narcissistic breaks … Continue reading

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