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Nate Silver and the One-Eyed King in the Land of the Blind

Amidst all of the hubbub over Nate Silver’s departure from the NY Times, Kevin Drum notices something disturbing (boldface mine): At the same time, this tidbit from Politico about Silver’s decisionmaking process while he was weighing competing offers from the … Continue reading

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Why Everyone Thinks He’s An Education Expert

I’ve long suspected that, when it comes to education, so many people engage in data-free speculation masked as expertise because everyone has been in a classroom as a student–and this, therefore, makes them an expert. Scicurious nails this (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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Analysis and Thinking About Unpleasant Things

“Analysis isn’t complicated. It’s not even hard.”
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BP and Revenge of the NerdsExperts

You can’t just get some ‘good folks’ together and build a light water reactor.
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Ivins’ Colleague Maintains Ivins Didn’t Commit Anthrax Attacks

The Justice Department had to rely on human profiles, and so they settled on Ivins, without really comprehending if he could have done this.
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More on Fake HuffPo Pseudo-Experts

Forget a degree in homeopathic medicine, I want a degree in sociopathic medicine.
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The Asymmetric Advantage of Bullsh-t

It’s much harder to unwind a bogus argument than make one.
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Why Is Larry Summers Indispensable?

There’s been a lot of discussion over Obama economic advisor Larry Summers’ economic ties to Wall Street (7.2 million such ties in 2008 alone). What I don’t get is why Obama sees the need to keep him around.
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Brother, Can You Spare a $5.2 Million Intern?

Summers wasn’t an employee, he was an intern. The most expensive intern EVAH!, but still just an intern.
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To Restore Science to Its Rightful Place, We Need to Redefine Elitism

Scientific research is elitist. So is the NBA.
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