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Did Romney Steal the GOP Nomination?

Since it’s Election Day and not much to do except vote (and, well, live), let’s talk about electoral fraud. Not the type that Republicans have been caterwauling about (and which essentially doesn’t exist), but good ol’ fashioned cooking the books. … Continue reading

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Romney, Ideology, and the 2005 Greenfield Flood

One of the things Romney ultimately can’t run from is his record of governance in Massachusetts, and, as Charles Pierce notes, it’s a doozy. Not only he respond poorly, but he also refused to honor interstate agreements to prevent floods … Continue reading

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How to Debate a Liar

Recently, I noted that Romney, during the first presidential debate, did exactly what creationists do: lied fast and furiously. The way you combat this is not to hope the truth will out, but assail the character of the liar. There … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, Outside of Pundit Unreality, Obama Is Now Liked More By Independents Post-Debate

Despite all of the pants shitting over Obama’s performance, if you look at post-debate favorability/unfavorability data, Obama has gained ground with independents: To the extent Romney has closed the gap, it appears that it’s due Republicans coming home, not to … Continue reading

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Understanding Wednesday’s Debate: Nothing in Movement Conservatism Makes Sense Except in the Light of Creationism

Wednesday’s presidential debate illustrated one of this blog’s unofficial mottos: nothing in movement conservatism makes sense except in the light of creationism (with apologies to Theodosius Dobzhansky). I’ll let my Twitter feed cover my thoughts about the debate: Having seen … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney: The Slow Form of Epistemic Closure

After a couple months of non-stop blunders, more than a few people have joked that Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was supposedly the electable one (though I think he could still win due to Republican efforts to suppress the vote). … Continue reading

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Why Does Romney Hate Minnie?

Minnie the Moocher, that is:

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Romney’s ‘Gaffe’: Partying Like It’s 1939

Norman Rockwell’s Freedom From Want (from here) First, let’s look at what is one of the relatively unnoticed portions of dreadful Mitt Romney’s 47 percent statement. Take it away Madame Wev (boldface mine): Now, there are a lot of people … Continue reading

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How ‘Epistemic Closure’ Led to Romney’s Gaffe

A while back there was a debate in the bloggysphere about whether movement conservatism suffered from ‘epistemic closure.’ Epistemic closure is poly-sci speak for ‘when lunatics only talk to each other, thereby reinforcing their mass collective psychoses.’ It’s pretty clear … Continue reading

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All of Romney’s Gall Can Be Divided Into Three Parts (On His Benghazi Consulate Dog Whistle)

With apologies to Gaius Iulius Caesar. While I’ve read a great deal of appropriate outrage over Romney’s disgusting remarks made after the Benghazi embassy attack (although it was actually a four hour long battle), what I haven’t seen is the … Continue reading

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