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Abstinence-Only ‘Education’ Withering

One less instance of child abuse by the theopolitical right.
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Friday Links

Merry Friday. Here are some links for you.
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How Anti-Abortionists Are Screwing Healthcare Reform

The Blastocyst Liberationists make it harder to add progressive amendments to the House legislation.
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Science Explains Why Boston’s Red Line Sucks So Badly

Friends, this is equal headway we can believe in.
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About That Anti-Pit Bull Legislaition, Can We…

put down bad owners instead?
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What Is Missing in the Story Ledes About Politicians and Healthcare?

Imagine if the lede to a story about healthcare and Lieberman began with….
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Wednesday Links

Merry Wednesday. Links for ya.
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Some Thoughts on TEH SWINEY FLOO!! Policy, the Lesson of PCV7, and That Murderously Incompetent Atlantic Article

The problem isn’t overmedication, it’s undermedication.
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This Is the Post-Racial America We’ve Been Waiting For

But really, it’s just a coinkydink that this happened, and I’m sure it, in no way, reflects poorly on the racial attitudes of the Republican Party.
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Maine Healthcare Reformers Ask Obama to Step Up

Now it’s time for Obama to get to work.
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