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Some House and Senate Democrats Probably Believe Rejecting D.C.’s Criminal Code Revisions Is the Right Thing to Do

As I’ve been pointing out the last couple of weeks, the Congressional opposition to the revisions of D.C.’s criminal code on the merits is stupid–the tl;dr version is that it has high maximum penalties for many crimes and is not … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Beclowns Itself over the Revisions to D.C.’s Criminal Code

Last week, Congress decided–and Biden refused to stop them by using the veto (that’s worth a read)–that D.C.’s revisions to its criminal code weren’t punitive enough. Monday, the lazy ass writers for the Washington Post editorial page decided to blame … Continue reading

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Here’s What I Meant by “Have Always Been Horrible”

Last week, I briefly noted that many respectable pundits (and editorial boards) have always been horrible. In fact, many of the same horrible people from twenty to thirty years ago not only perpetuated themselves via ‘mentoring’ (finding younger, equally horrible … Continue reading

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With Democrats Like Rep. Angie Craig, D.C. Home Rule and Statehood Are in Trouble

Recently, a Democratic congresswoman, Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minn.), was assaulted in her D.C. apartment building’s elevator (she was punched), and her attacker was arrested. I’m glad to see she’s alright, but her response shows ignorance of how the District actually … Continue reading

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The White House Should Not Allow Fox News to Its Daily Briefings

Last week, we learned–more like confirmed–that Fox News hosts and executives knew the electoral fraud stories they were peddling were utter bullshit. While it’s laughable that the legacy media finally are beginning to realize that Fox News is a propaganda … Continue reading

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Economic Versus ‘Social’ Issues

Akshually, it’s all about the narratives baby. So, E.J. Dionne* had a piece about various Democratic governors who are emphasizing economic issues to appeal to voters, even as it’s widely recognized that ‘social’ issues–which is to say, existential issues that … Continue reading

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Giving Them the Respect They Deserve, Which Is to Say, None at All

Some asshole with a blog might have written that once or twice over the years. It would seem the new generation of professional Democrats might be picking up on this (boldface mine): Young, rising Democrats such as Frost and Rep. … Continue reading

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A Good Summary of the Biden Administration’s Current COVID Policy

And it’s not flattering (boldface mine): When President Biden declared in his State of the Union Address that “Covid no longer controls our lives,” he failed to call attention to the “tripledemic” that has affected 40 percent of American households, … Continue reading

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Assuaging Rural Rage

Paul Krugman writes (boldface mine): Rural resentment has become a central fact of American politics — in particular, a pillar of support for the rise of right-wing extremism. As the Republican Party has moved ever further into MAGAland, it has … Continue reading

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Another Democratic Crisis

And I mean democratic with a little ‘d.’ Over the last week, several items crossed the transom that all share a common theme: The Pittsburgh police chief unilaterally decided that he would ignore City Council legislation to stop pulling drivers … Continue reading

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