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Still Vibing About Long COVID

And not in a good way. One of the most frustrating things about the disappearance of long COVID from any meaningful policy discussion is that, when it comes to long COVID (and for that matter, COVID in general), there is … Continue reading

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We Should Be Masking Now

As some asshole with a blog put it: Nationally, pediatric wards are being slammed by multiple respiratory viruses, and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center is considering setting up tents to treat the overflow. Massachusetts is also experiencing problems, and D.C.’s Children’s … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, COVID Is Still Hurting the Economy

One of the weird things in The Discourse is how many pundits et alia have decided that waves of COVID, not to mention other respiratory viruses, somehow don’t affect the economy (boldface mine): Researchers say the virus is having a … Continue reading

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COVID, Closings, and Context

What the ongoing arguments about school closings ignore is context, in several ways. Yes, there were other ways to control the pandemic (though it’s worth noting that, at local scales, we’ve historically closed schools for short periods to control influenza … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Learn During A (Mismanaged) Pandemic

David Wallace-Wells gets at something important in all of the discussion about the decline (for certain grades and subjects, among certain demographics, in certain areas) in NAEP scores (boldface mine): But when I look at the data in detail, I … Continue reading

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About That Stafford County, VA Outbreak…

Last week, upon reading a story about a school in Stafford County, VA, that had an outbreak (~1,000 out of 2,100 students) of “flu-like/gastrointestinal symptoms”, I polled the tweeple about the cause of this massive outbreak: While I didn’t pre-register … Continue reading

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Get Ready for Some COVID-Related Political Stupidity

Last week, Senate Republicans released a report about the possibility of a lab-leak leading to the release of SARS-CoV-2. Lots of actual biologists have blown holes in it (some of fun stuff involves representing results froom published papers and mistranslations … Continue reading

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We Were Supposed to Be Wearing Masks Now

Remember back when the likes of Leana Wen were arguing that we should stop masking to give people a break so when COVID gets bad again, we could mask up again? Admittedly, “bad again” is open to very different interpretations. … Continue reading

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Colds in a Time of COVID

I’ve been attending meetings this week (hello, Balimore!), and one thing that I had to worry about was getting a cold. Because the meetings have strict symptoms-based policies (i.e., you can’t enter if you have symptoms), a simple cold will … Continue reading

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Fox News Convinced Its Viewers to Avoid Vaccination

So it would appear (boldface mine): COVID-19 vaccines have reduced infections and hospitalizations across the globe, yet resistance to vaccination remains strong. This paper investigates the role of cable television news in vaccine hesitancy and associated local vaccination rates in … Continue reading

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