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Links 4/30/13

Links for you. Science: The Myth of America’s Tech Talent Shortage Should We Change the Way NSF Funds Projects? (the replication point is key) Six Reasons Why Illumina Has Nothing to Fear from Thermo/Life Obama calls for peer-review autonomy The … Continue reading

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Don’t Forget to Vote!

There’s a US Senate primary today, and it’s contested in both parties. My thoughts on the Democratic side here.

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Hiding in the Backstreets

Things are slowly beginning to return to normal: Public Alley 440, Back Bay, Boston

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The War on the Census Rolls On

Because various national catastrophes and tragedies are just another way to keep movement conservative nuttiness out of the spotlight. Yes, the Republicans are still beating these drums: 1) Eliminating the Commerce Department’s American Community Survey. 2) Eliminating the Census of … Continue reading

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Links 4/29/13

Links for you. Science: Darwin’s goldmine is still open: variation and selection run the world DNA & Supreme Court: Nature cannot be patented Marine Life Series: Shame-faced Crabs Microbes: The Trillions of Creatures Governing Your Health
 Congress takes a worrying … Continue reading

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Massachusetts Dems: On Tuesday, Vote Markey

Given the bombings and their aftermath, most people probably don’t realize there’s a U.S. Senate primary in Massachusetts on Tuesday (I had forgotten until late last week and I follow this stuff). For what it’s worth (probably only my vote…), … Continue reading

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Sequestration: Help For Airports, But Not Scientists

A while ago, I described what sequestration would mean to me as a scientist (boldface added): The other way I’ll be hit is that I’m basically on a grant with a junior, soft-money researcher. We received the scores and broke … Continue reading

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Links 4/28/13

Links for you. Science: What Might Knock Illumina Off Its Perch? Why the Tropics are an evolutionary hotbed Really, why shouldn’t we leave US science in the hands of a conservative tea party lawyer? Forest ecology: Splinters of the Amazon … Continue reading

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Let’s Save the Post Office

There’s a good petition to save the U.S. Post Office–as I’ve discussed before, most of its financial problems stem from Congress’ ridiculous requirement that it provide 75 years of retirement benefits in ten years. Worse, USPS has probably paid $50 … Continue reading

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Money Should Never Be a Rate-Limiting Resource

Dean Baker: One could also add that the sequester is throwing around 600,000 people out of work according to the Congressional Budget Office. These are people who have the necessary skills to fill jobs in the economy but who will … Continue reading

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