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No Free Pass for Ideologies That Happen to Be Religious

If you want religion to remain sacrosanct, then don’t sully it with politics.
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We Do Too Make Stuff

13.4 million people are doing something.
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But You Can Bury All the Hummers

An interesting way to help Detroit.
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Genome of Ultra-Resistant E. coli Published

SMS-3-5: a very interesting and disturbing E. coli.
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Those Who Can Give Thanks, Let Us Give

Take five minutes and donate to your local foodbank.
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Was Sully EATED?

Where are all the turkeys?
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Picking the Hive Mind’s Brain: Any Good, Fast Genetic Distance Calculators?

Well, it’s better than picking the Hive Mind’s NOSE.
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The Finance-Related Quote of the Day I Never Wanted to Read

With a loan this big, we can get away with anything?
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Denialism, Framing, the Kumbaya Fallacy, and Power

ScienceBlogling Matt Nisbet argues that scientists shouldn’t call science denialists, well, denialists. I’m unconvinced.
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An Incomplete Catalog of Theopolitical Conservative Insanity

We can’t let the last eight years worth of crap disappear down the memory hole.
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