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Skynet Isn’t the Problem with AI

There are some ludicrous claims about AI (artificial intelligence) that received a good debunking (boldface mine): AI pioneer Yoshua Bengio told BBC News he didn’t like the Terminator films for several reasons. “They paint a picture which is really not … Continue reading

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I Have Seen The Future: It Has…

…six wheels and is adorable: There’s a company that is using these to deliver meals; when it arrives at your door, it sends you a text with a code allowing you to unlock the cargo hold of the robot and … Continue reading

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These Are The Robots America Needs

While there has been much internet discussion about the current and future role of robots and what it means for American workers, we can all agree that having robots pipette stuff is a good thing. Which brings us to this … Continue reading

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I, For One, Welcome Our Robotic Overlords

A recent Atlantic article is the latest installment in ‘the robots are taking all our jobs’ genre. It’s pretty good, but I’ve never entirely understood the concern. I’ve always viewed this as an opportunity: In 1900, about half of the … Continue reading

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Why I’m Afraid of Robots

Sure, there are economic and civil liberties implications. But they’re not nearly as scary as this: Remember, you are the cinderblock….

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I Want a Fish Robot

The Harvard Museum of Natural History has one: Stick some laser beams on it and we’re ready to go! Unfortunately, this is the only version I could possibly afford: Not nearly as snazzy-looking.

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I Would Love It If a Robot Could Steal Part of My Job

Because they already do. Farhad Manjoo is concerned about being by replaced by a robot: Artificial intelligence machines are getting so good, so quickly, that they’re poised to replace humans across a wide range of industries. In the next decade, … Continue reading

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Ten Years from Now, Will Biology Be Automated? Thoughts on ‘Post’-Informatics Biology

Will automation be the next leap forward for biology?
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The Notorious M.I.K.E: Rise of the Cyborg

If I were a cyborg, I would be….
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The Post-Twitter Communication System

Welcome to the Whisper Jar.
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