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Our Very Lazy Media

Earlier this week, I described how the revisions to D.C.’s criminal code, which are being portrayed in the media as ‘soft of crime’, in reality are anything but soft of crime. If you’re a “hang ’em high” kind of guy, … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Beclowns Itself over the Revisions to D.C.’s Criminal Code

Last week, Congress decided–and Biden refused to stop them by using the veto (that’s worth a read)–that D.C.’s revisions to its criminal code weren’t punitive enough. Monday, the lazy ass writers for the Washington Post editorial page decided to blame … Continue reading

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They Knew It Was Wrong. They Always Did Know

There’s a recent piece that must be read in its entirety about the making of the movie Gone With the Wind. It focuses on a number of excised scenes, some which downplayed the horror of the ‘Noble Cause’ and others … Continue reading

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The White House Should Not Allow Fox News to Its Daily Briefings

Last week, we learned–more like confirmed–that Fox News hosts and executives knew the electoral fraud stories they were peddling were utter bullshit. While it’s laughable that the legacy media finally are beginning to realize that Fox News is a propaganda … Continue reading

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Many Respectable Pundits Have Always Been Horrible

Since today is busy, I’ll just point you to this thread by some asshole with a blogTwitter feed. There have always been bigoted pundits who defend acceptable bigotries, just as there have always been horrible MAGA CHUD types (even if … Continue reading

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Actuaries, Insurers, and Long COVID

Oh my? It is a stunning indictment of our public health system that the one group I don’t think is trying to gaslight us on long COVID isn’t our federal public health officials, but actuaries. From that well-known socialist news … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Editorial Board Wants to Sicken Its Readers

For tax revenue, no less. In another post, if I’m motivated enough, I’ll discuss some of the absurd justifications the Washington Post makes for forcing federal workers back to the office full-time, but in this post I want to discuss … Continue reading

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Assuaging Rural Rage

Paul Krugman writes (boldface mine): Rural resentment has become a central fact of American politics — in particular, a pillar of support for the rise of right-wing extremism. As the Republican Party has moved ever further into MAGAland, it has … Continue reading

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The Downside of Internet Fragmentation

Noah Smith has an interesting piece about the (possible, ongoing) demise of Twitter and how social media is becoming more fragmented (boldface mine): From Twitter, however, there seemed to be no exit. Where would you go? If you were a … Continue reading

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Masking and Communications

To follow up on Tuesday’s post about the CDC very tentatively asking people to mask, the legacy media have a role to play here too. There’s no reason why they couldn’t have led with headlines like “Faced with hospitalization surge, … Continue reading

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