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Overeating and Sleeplessness

While some people overeat when they’re bored or stressed (stress actually makes me less hungry), a lack of sleep has always been my downfall. Unfortunately, my experience (N = 1) is artisanal data. But scicurious brings some data to bear … Continue reading

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Just-So Stories and the ‘Evolutionary Biology Diet’

Amanda Marcotte and Rebecca Watson pointed me towards this absurd article “Why women need fat.” In fairness, I don’t dispute the idea that the recent advent of a diet full of processed sugars hasn’t been good for us, or that … Continue reading

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Microbiome Triumphalism and Misusing a Metaphor

The human microbiome isn’t an organ. We have evolved to dampen the effects of the microbiome’s inherent variability on our bodies.
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Obesity Makes People Stupid…About Heritability

Heritability: I do not think it means what you think it means. Phenotypes can be very environmentally malleable even though they are highly heritable.
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Is Bisphenol A Responsible for Obesity?

Bisphenol A levels lower than those found in 93% of people led to obesity in mice.
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