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Why The Twitter Icon Uproar Is Sort of Important

Last week, Twitter changed its “Favorite” gold star icon to a “Like” heart icon–and when you like something, the heart does a sparkly starburst thing. People were upset with the change, which inevitably led to self-righteous exclamations of “Don’t you … Continue reading

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Want to Know What Privilege Looks Like? The ‘Tell Someone “No”, Get Called a Whore’ Edition

A while ago, I got an email from a science aggregator offering me a chance to crosspost for…free. To paraphrase the wisdom of the philosopher Tone Loc, I get paid to do the blog thing (actually, that’s not the case … Continue reading

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Great Minds Think Alike: The Bain Bust Out Edition

After reading Matt Taibbi’s recent post where he briefly refers to Bain Capital as a mob bust out, I’m calling priority. Long before the cool kids were calling Bain Capital a mob bust out, the Mad Biologist was (from “How … Continue reading

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